Standards and Certification

CSEND actively participated in working groups set up to define quality standards for training and public administration. For example, CSEND was the official representative of the Swiss Association for Norms and Standards (SNV) in the international working group that drafted the quality standards for training (ISO 10015:1999), on behalf of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), Geneva. CSEND initiated and contributed, under the auspices of the SNV, to the development of a quality guideline for public administration.

On February 19th, 2003, CSEND became the FIRST organisation to be fully accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) as a certification body for training systems, of training programmes and of training providers in the private and public sector. The acreditation ended in 2015 and since then, AdeQuaTE is the sole certification body for AQTE 10015+.


ISO 10015- A Strategic Management Tool for Human Resource Development

ISO Guideline 10015 for Quality Management Systems 

pdf Competitive Advantage & Quality of Human Resources

Quality Guideline for Public Management


pdf quality_assurance_public_administration


"Quality Management in the Public Administration (SNV/2002)",
Swiss Norm Association (SNV),; Beuth Verlag, Berlin, Z├╝rich, Vienna, 2002 (ISBN 3-419-15362-4).


Quality Management of In-Service Training Institutions of Public Administration - Special Interest Group of the International Association of Schools & Institutions of Administration (IASIA), Brussels

Nanjing Conference on Quality in Training Management, April 2001, Nanjing, China

pdf Beijing Conference on Quality in Training Management, April 2002, Beijing, China 

Annex 1 (chinese version ) Annex 2 (english version )


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