Special Interest Group on "Quality Management in the In-Service Training Institutions of Public Administration", Paris, 1998.
Place: Paris
Panel on In-Service Training as a Strategic Instrument for Change: International Comparative Examples", Quebec, 1997.
Place: Quebec
International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA).

Seminar on "Telecommunications and Information Technology:Tools for Sustainable Development in Asia (jointly organised with International Telecommunication Union). A programme seminar organised in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of Asian Development Bank,Geneva, 27-29 April, 1997.
Place: Geneva

All Academy Symposium on "SME Development in Economically Depressed Areas: A World-wide Comparative Evaluation of Organisational Goals, Vitality, and Outcomes", Chicago, 1999
Place: Chicago
Showcase Symposium on "Cross-Border Transfer of Management Knowledge for Large System Change", Chicago, 1999.
Place: Chicago
Multi-divisional Symposium on "Management and Organisation Development Across Borders: The Use of Technology Based Learning Processes by Multinational Companies" Chicago, 1999.
Place: Chicago
Multi-divisional Symposium on "European Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research: Methodological Openness and Contextual Differences", San Diego, 1998.
Place: San Diego
Symposium on Cross-National Views on Micro-Enterprise and Micro-Finance, San Diego, 1998.
Place: San Diego
Caucus on "Action Learning with Virtual Transnational Teams: Management Training in Asia", San Diego, 1998.
Place: San Diego

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