Leadership Selection and Development in the Public Sector for the 21st Century: Case Example of China

The goal of this paper is to present the case example of China in its development effort of future leaders within the public sector. This case example will first describe the leadership
model currently in use in China as the basic framework of assessment, selection and development of leaders befitting the tasks requirements of the 21st century. Narrative description will be given regarding the actual practices regarding leadership assessment, selection and development in China.


Reflections will be made regarding the merits of the current practices. It will also highlight some of the assumptions underlying the current practices of leadership assessment and development in China in order to propose ways to enhance its effectiveness. Recognising the interdependencies of other intervening factors that impact on the organisational performance and subsequently the outcome of good leadership, the author argues for a systemic perspective in order to strengthening the strategic linkages between selection, promotion, success planning, organisational performance and innovation.

International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration. Beijing. July, 2000.

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