Economic Alternative

This paper proposes a post-covid-19 reconstruction strategy in the designated Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of East Naples by proposing a local economy oriented towards circular economy in combination with socio-economic activities that are part of the creative industry. The objective of this exploratory research is to provide alternative redevelopment strategies going beyond “business as usual” but are more aligned with sustainable development of tomorrow.

All Academy Symposium on "INTERRELATIONSHIP OF BUSINESS AND PUBLIC GOODS" AoM Annual Conference, Atlanta, August 2017

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Since 1997, CSEND is also responsible for one of the research networks of SASE, "Development, Social Change and Governance", and organised panels for the annual conference in Vienna (1998) and Madison, Wisconsin, (1999).



icon-saseCSEND organised five panels for the Eighth Annual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) in July, 1996. The conference, held in Geneva, drew nearly 700 participants from throughout the world. Speakers and panelists, representing disciplines as diverse as sociology, economics, psychology, political science and anthropology, presented papers and stimulated discussions of conference issues.
Place: Geneva