European Journal of International Management Thematic Issue on: Negotiating International Strategic Alliances: Examples of Successes and Failures, 2019 Vol.13 No.5, Guest Editors: Prof. Michael Jeive and Prof. Dr. Raymond Saner

This thematic issue provides analysis of case examples of negotiation processes of strategic alliances. Negotiation theory is applied to concrete M&A as negotiations as well as to other forms of negotiations of strategic alliances, for instance between governments, between private sector companies and cross-sectoral alliance negotiations between private sector actors and other actors such as governments. The chapters consist of the following topics:

Business diplomacy and international strategic alliances
Raymond Saner
Applying a trust lens to the study of international strategic alliance negotiations
Michael Jeive
The Lafarge-Holcim merger negotiations
Eva-Maria Knittel; Juan David Berdugo; Kamontip Cheevavichawalkul; Marya Imbach


AstraZeneca versus Pfizer
Asja Hot; Matthias Mählitz; Patrizia Wien-Nicolini; Roman Stegmüller
Cameron's pre-Brexit settlement for the UK within the European Union: failure or missed opportunity?
Max De Boer; Nathanael Hausmann; Miriam Mendelberg; Daniela Stammbach
The Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) during the COP 18 negotiations
Ali Arshad; Seraina Engert; Corinne Geiger; George Londob; Steve R

Negotiating international strategic alliances: success and failures - some closing thoughts
Michael Jeive; Raymond Saner

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