Commodity Development Strategies in the Integrated Framework

20090713-icon-commodity-development-strategiesAs part of the work programme of the Geneva Trade and Development Unit, a comprehensive analysis was undertaken of the 29 Diagnostic Trade Integration Studies (DTIS) available as of October 2008 to assess whether and to what extent the DTISs provide concrete recommendations and actions which can support comprehensive strategies for promoting, upgrading, diversification and value addition in manufacturing and related industrial development activities associated with commodity production. Although DTISs were not designed as a commodity development tool, it is important to recognise that for most of the Least Developed Countries primary commodities including agricultural and mineral commodities are the main source of income, employment and trade. For many of these countries, their journey out of poverty is linked to the development of the commodity sector.

Following from this, Integrated Framework and Enhance Integrated Framework should prioritise commodity development strategies in the DTISs in order to help the countries move up the value chain into manufacturing and industrial development activities associated with commodity production. It is against this background, this study was undertaken.

The study shows that there are significant gaps in the attention given to commodities in the existing DTISs. Useful pointers for commodity development were found. However interventions to support commodity development remain fragmented with little attention paid to a coherent approach at policy, institutional and enterprise levels. A major recommendation is the need for a robust management information system at the country level to keep track of results and impacts from IF interventions.


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Launching Presentation at Global Commodity Forum 2010 at the United Nations, 23rd March 2010, Geneva