Institutional Capabilities

The Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development provides technical assistance in the design and implementation of capacity-building and institution development programmes. The Centre's resources can be scaled to large or small projects, in a variety of cultural settings. CSEND currently offers the following service products within its core competency areas (see Programmes & Services above) to its partners:

  • Strategic planning and policy implementation, including design of an overall institution development strategy and plans for implementation
  • Organisation development focusing on effectiveness and efficiency improvements and on strengthening both the management and delivery capabilities of public institutions
  • Distance learning and use of multimedia learning technologies
  • Management and leadership development programmes
  • Overseas fellowship programmes, including placement within existing and custom-tailored programmes
  • Internships at relevant public and private sector organisations in Europe and North America
  • Recruitment of qualified experts for training and consulting assignments world-wide
  • Evaluation and management audits of programmes and functions of public administrations and public enterprises


CSEND conducts independent research projects on topics related to:

  •   public administration performance
  • management and organisation development
  • quality management systems
  • training methodology
  • International negotiations
  • Environmental Conflict Resolution
  • Social Capital
  • Large and Complex system change
  • Research and publications promote innovative approaches and the development of new paradigms in the field of applied social science. The Centre's research coordination facilitates cross-border joint research programmes and academic exchange programmes.

Some recent examples:

Research on the effectiveness of interface management of the in-service training function in the central administration of Bern, Switzerland.

A cooperative study of the effectiveness of training in the public administrations of 14 central governments, for the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, Brussels.

A World Bank survey of client satisfaction concerning Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Mali, with a focus on the effectiveness of the World Bank's loan programmes, Washington.