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Die Übergabefeiern vom 1. Juli 1997 sind bereits Geschichte, und die Hongkonger fragen sich ebenso wie die ganze Welt, ob die rasche Aufhebung der in der letzten Phase der Kolonialzeit erlassenen Gesetze durch die neuen Gesetzgeber bereits den Anfang vom Ende der Idee »ein Land − zwei Systeme« einläutet.

The goal of this article is to reflect on the impact which key donor organisations have had on Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) development projects in post communist Russia and to illustrate the difficulties of conducting SME development in Russia during a time when “Shock Therapy” was the dominant ideology at most of the Western donor agencies and organisations. An example is given below from a SME institution development project in Samara, Russia. The author thanks his Western and Russian colleagues for their insights and suggestions and hopes that this article will contribute to future policy discussion on SME policy and development at donor organisations.

"Postmodern Theater: A Manifestation of Chaos Theory?" Raymond Saner, CSEND Geneva, 12th February 2001


This articles describes the use of action learning and action research in the development of management training institutions and management development experts in China. A case study is reported here which was based on a technical cooperation project between Switzerland and China which took place from 1994 to 1996. The aim of this project was to build up the Chinese Government’s institutional capacity in support of its policy to modernise its public administration and to strengthen its management of public enterprises.

Saner, R., Yiu, L.; "Transnational Leadership: The Role of Field Dependence/Independence". Technical Reports HEC. No. 19. Geneva, October, 1994.

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