Multi-divisional Symposium on "European Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research: Methodological Openness and Contextual Differences", San Diego, 1998.
Place: San Diego
Symposium on Cross-National Views on Micro-Enterprise and Micro-Finance, San Diego, 1998.
Place: San Diego
Caucus on "Action Learning with Virtual Transnational Teams: Management Training in Asia", San Diego, 1998.
Place: San Diego
Caucus on "Conducting Change Projects in the United Nations and Related Intergovernmental Organisations: How to Deal with Porous Boundaries?", Boston, 1997.
Place: Boston
Caucus on "Information Technology & National Competitiveness in Developing Countries", Boston, 1997.
Place: Boston

International Seminar on Governance Policy of Tertiary Education Development, hosted by the Ministry of Education, China.

Place: Beijing and Guiyang, China

CSEND made a presentation entitled "Designing OD Interventions based on the use of Blended Learning for MNCs" at the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities' (EADTU), 20th Anniversary Conference in November 2007 hosted by the Universidade Aberta, Lisbon, Portugal
Place: Universidade Aberta, Lisbon, Portugal

pdf EADTU Conference Programme

CSEND sponsored a side event : Scaling Up Energy Efficiency under the CDM - Do We Need a "Plan B" ? at 2007 COP 13 of the UNFCCC .
Place: Bali, Indonesia

Presentation Agenda/Speakers Presentation

International Search Conference on Governance, Financing and Quality Assurance of Higher Education in China and Switzerland 17th - 18th April 2007 in Zurich, Switzerland, hosted by ETH Zurich
Place: Zurich, Switzerland

Learning technologies for Institution Building and Government Learning, 26 October, 2006
Place: Ljubljana
pdf Article

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