CSEND Dialogue Forum

CSEND Dialogue Forum aims at stimulating innovative thinking by creating a dialogue space which brings together non-conventional thinkers and reflective practitioners with members of Geneva community interested in the quest for novel solutions to our society’s current challenges. This Dialogue Forum is co-hosted by CSEND and Prof. Beat Bürgenmeier, leading thinker in the field of environmental and socio-economics and professor at the University of Geneva.

Photo by John Briggs

20080723-icon-DialogueForumCSEND is pleased to present Dr. Aboubakr Abdeen Badawi as the speaker at the CSEND Dialogue Forum. The forum is entitled “Career Guidance, Migration, Labor Markets’ Efficiency, Quality of Training and Democracy: Is There a Link?” and is scheduled for the 23rd of July, 2008.

Place: Uni-Mail, Room M R170, Geneva

20080519-thirdDialogueForumThird edition of CSEND Dialogue Forum on the topic of "Beauty, Art, Nature and Chaos" presented by Prof. John Briggs, on the 19th of May 2008, at University of Geneva, Uni Mail.

Place: Uni-Mail, Room M S030, Geneva

20071015-seconddialogueForumSecond edition of CSEND Dialogue Forum on the topic of "The Arts as Inspiration for Innovative Social Change" presented by Prof. Pierre Guillet de Monthoux on the 15th of October 2007, University of Geneva, Uni Mail.

Place: University of Geneva, Uni Mail

20070913-FirstDialogueForumAnnouncing the first CSEND Dialogue Forum on the topic of "Social entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihood for the Poor" with a case example from Maya Organic in India. 13 Septembre 2007

Place: Uni Mail, University of Geneva, Room 1130

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