The Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development (CSEND) promotes equitable, sustainable and integrated development through dialogue and institutional learning. CSEND provides research based consulting services on development policy especially in the area of trade, human capital development, training and educational quality, aid effectiveness and international negotiations.
20090912-index-icon-DialogueForumCSEND Dialogue Forum aims at stimulating innovative thinking by creating a dialogue space which brings together non-conventional thinkers and reflective practitioners with members of Geneva community interested in the quest for novel solutions to our society’s current challenges. This Dialogue Forum is co-hosted by CSEND and Prof. Beat Bürgenmeier, leading thinker in the field of environmental and socio-economics and professor at the University of Geneva.
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CSEND provides needs assessment, programme design, project management and consultation services for the reform and modernisation of public administrations.
20090912-index-icon-diplomacyThe mission of Diplomacy Dialogue is to open channels for dialogue and participation amongst state and non-state actors, i.e., diplomatic actors representing countries, enterprises and civil socities.
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tpgp Lrg v1Through its Trade Policy and Governance Programme (TPGP), CSEND offers a new perspective and a new approach to trade policy governance that enables the recipient countries to better coordinate trade policy between their Ministries and to ensure effective trade policy consultation between the government and their respective economic and social partners.
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20090307-index-logo-adequateAdeQuaTE offers a certification of training systems and training products resulting in more efficient and effective training systems and organizational performance.

signup-r“CSEND Outreach” programme consists of a series of interactive workshops with varied duration from 1 day to 3 days. The aim of this programme is to make available to the international community the knowledge accumulated through research, field work and action learning by the CSEND network.


The first module of the Action Intelligence is available on request, Deconstructing Statistics: The heart of persuasion with numbers